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SAP Change Intelligence Software

What is Salt?

Salt, a change intelligence software for SAP solutions, gives instant visibility into an organization’s custom ABAP code and objects providing up to the minute views into any system. Comparing object versions, monitoring work in progress, and even quickly finding specific pieces of code are just a few examples of Salt’s powerful functionality.

By monitoring change activity and then providing specific data to appropriate stakeholders, users can interpret the Salt data and act quickly to either make improvements or avoid disaster. For example:

  • See the difference between your SAP systems code versions
  • See all your Work in Progress across SAP systems
  • Quickly identify work that may have been forgotten or abandoned
  • Monitor and set alerts so when nominated objects are changed you are notified
  • Access to a “Google-like” engine to rapidly search your ABAP source code

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Test Drive Salt Today

The Salt Online Test Drive System is a live cloud hosted Salt installation that will give you the opportunity to fully explore and evaluate the many features and benefits contained within Salt at your leisure.

For the purposes of evaluation, this Salt installation is connected to just 3 SAP systems (DEV, QAS and PRD) and is always kept up to date with the latest public release of the software.

After you have spent some time using the Salt Online Test Drive System, you can proceed to trial Salt within your own environment for up to 20 SAP systems. A fully functional 'Free Trial' subscription of the software is available for you to download and install directly from the Salt website.

Simply complete the registration form and a Salt Product Manager will be in touch with you shortly to give you access to the Online Test Drive System and explain how best to navigate the drive.